The BFF Household get their photos taken at Municipal Muses.


I’ve been a player of The Sims for a long time – going back to the original game released in the year 2000. I’ve always loved taking photos of my sims, to capture moments in their lives, for both important milestones and smaller everyday minutiae.

Things really took off during my time with The Sims 2, which featured a story exchange where you could upload your sims’ photo albums and share them with the rest of the community. I had a blast telling the stories of my various sim households, which were all interconnected and part of the same persistent world.

Now, with The Sims 4, I still want to share the stories about my sims living their everyday lives. Sharing stories with the community has shifted towards self-publishing where we have our own blogs or social media, so that’s how this blog came to be.

Photo story

Each day, I’ll share an update featuring a photo and a caption of a moment from one of my sim households. Over time, I hope that this builds into a continuous story which features all the sims in my game.

You can filter the story to display posts from a particular featured household, or follow a particular sim via their tag.

I’m mostly just making this blog for myself, so that I have a place where I can go and relive moments from my sims’ lives. But if you choose to follow it too, then thanks for reading!


I like my game to work the way I want it to – and mainly that’s being free of annoying bugs. When I encounter a game bug, I make sure to report it at the official bug report forums for The Sims 4 over at EA Answers HQ.

It can often take a long time for the developers to patch the game with a proper fix, and for some really urgent issues, I just can’t wait that long. So I learnt how to mod my game and create workarounds or find out what is wrong and fix it.

There were also a few things I found that I could tweak and change that made the game more fun for me.

I decided to share the mods I made over at, so that other people can play the game the way I do too.

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