After the Festival

The Romance Festival happens right outside Penny’s apartment, so she pops down to try some of the sakura tea. In a flirty mood afterwards, Penny calls Khaled Assaoui, who invites her over to his bachelor pad in the Arts Quarter. It has an amazing view of Uptown.

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2 thoughts on “After the Festival”

    1. What happened next is NSFW ๐Ÿ˜‰. I like Khaled. He was initially a skinny guy (I think you can see it in an earlier picture in Salim Benali’s story) but then started getting a belly from eating at San Myshuno food stalls.

      But then he started showing up at the gym autonomously in the background whenever I sent my sims there and one day I noticed that he’d become as buff as Hercules. I love it when the background NPCs I don’t play have their own stories.

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