Mitchell Kalani proposes marriage to Amie Kalani at Chez Llama.

Down on One Knee

After savouring a delicious meal at Chez Llama, Mitchell drops down on one knee and pulls out an engagement ring. Amie is momentarily stunned by the romantic gesture, but quickly recovers to enthusiastically accept Mitchell’s proposal.

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8 thoughts on “Down on One Knee”

    1. Mitchell looked very handsome in his formal outfit. They’ll be engaged for a while before the blog catches up, but I posted a preview from their wedding day a while ago…

      Mitchell and Amie's wedding

          1. Just two people can be in a photo. I’ve had photography in the game and sims taking selfies on their phones since I started playing so I didn’t even think about it being from an expansion pack. They make great home decorations.

          2. You can put more than two sims in front of the camera and just take a photo of whatever is in front of it, but they won’t pose automatically.

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