Feeling down one evening, Jordon confesses his thoughts to his private journal. He knows that he’s in love with Kole, but is so afraid of commitment that he seeks out casual flings with other men and encourages Kole to do the same, so that things never get too serious.

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4 thoughts on “Journal”

    1. The game created him that way 😉. I gave them both the serial romance aspiration though, as it seemed to fit their story, but sometimes Jordon would get sad when he spotted Kole with someone else. So I got Jordon a journal to help him through the feelings.

      1. Aww, that’s sweet he didn’t want Kole to be with someone else even though he doesn’t want to be committed lol. I’m sure if he told Kole he wanted them to be exclusive, he’d say yes.

        1. Kole would probably agree to that – but wanting an exclusive relationship would go against Jordon’s nature. Can he grow to overcome that? We’ll see what happens tomorrow… 😉

          I have a lot of fun playing noncommittal sims! Between Jordon’s inner conflict, J Huntington III’s relationship trouble, Babs and Andre’s complicated on/off romance and Don Lothario getting dumped, things are just a bit more dramatic for them 💓

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